Lazy Sunday at the Guggenheim Museum

Since it was rainy Sunday and chilly weather, we have decided to visit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. We only knew that is is an interesting gallery on the Fifth Avenue, next to the Central Park.

The building catches you attention right away as it extends up from ground in a long, continuous spiral.

IMG-9404 (1)

We certainly didn’t have a clue they were hosting an exhibition “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World“, collected from the end of the Cold War till the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Exhibition will be on view till January 7, 2018.

The exhibition shows Chinese contemporary art after the Cold war era in the emerging globalization. In my mind China was always connected with history and orientalism, but this exhibition definitely broaden my perspective.  You will gain new insights into Chinese modern art and alternative thinking.


Still I have to say, some works were rather odd, like to movie clip with naked Chinese people building a pyramid from their bodies…

If you would like to see the works of Chinese artists, who have experience social changes in China after the Cold War, I would recommend you to pay a visit.

Or maybe you want to spend a Sunday exploring new places in the New York City, just like us.



New York nikdy nespí a tak sme rozhodli nespať ani my a v upršanú nedeľu sme vyrazili do Gugenheimovho múzea. Múzeum sa nachádza pri Central parku a sídli v impozantnej budove v tvare špirály.

Múzem momentálne hostí výstavu čínskeho moderného umenia po roku 1989. Čínske umenie som si vždy prestavovala skôr ako zmes orientálnych malieb a znakov,


výstava však poskytuje alternatívny pohľad na čínsku spoločnosť, režim a nástup globalizácie.  Výstava potrvá do 7 januára 2018 a stojí za to si ju pozrieť. Najlepšia kombinácia je, keď múzem navštívite s otvorenou mysľou a štipkou humoru 🙂




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