Kykuit in October

Kykuit used to be a home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, beginning with John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil. 

Kykuit offers the perfect day trip opportunity from New York City. It took us 40 minutes by car from Manhattan to get to this beautiful estate.

All Kykuit tours originate from the Visitor Center at Sleepy Hollow. Tours begin and end with a shuttle bus ride that takes visitors to and from the estate.

We chose a “Classic tour” which was a little over 2 hours. Throughout the estate you will see marvelous collection of modern art, Chinese and European ceramics and fine furnishings. Prior to returning to the Visitor Center, there is also a stop by the Carriage house, where you can see an impressive collection of the Rockefeller’s carriages and cars.

An underground art gallery holds works from the collection of Nelson Rockefeller (Vice President of the United States under President Ford), including pieces by Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, and more.

A day trip to Kykuit gives you a chance to get away from New York City’s crowds, while learning about the Rockefeller family — one of the richest, influential, and philanthropic families in American history.  I would also recommend visiting Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown which are perfect getaway destinations.

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