Discovering Japanese cuisine in NYC

New York is a city with an amazing gastronomic diversity. We are hooked on a Netflix gourmet documentary called The Chef’s Table. In each episode they introduce some of the world’s best chefs. It focuses not only on a single chef and his incredible creations, but also on presenting different countries.

Long story short, as we saw the episode with Ivan Orkin, I wanted to try his famous Tokyo Shio Ramen.



We booked a table in his restaurant Ivan Ramen on the Lower East Side. So what is his secret? He prepares everything from scratch and uses only fresh ingredients. The noodles are truly exceptional!

The food he serves is delicious, healthy, fast and the staff is very friendly. You can choose to sit behind the bar and watch your meal being prepared. And guess what is the bonus? His menu is super affordable!

Our discovering of Japanese cuisine wasn’t done yet and we decided to try Sakagura. It is one of the top sake bars in New York. Their website says “we are the hidden jewel in Manhattan” and I have to completely agree. The restaurant is hidden in a basement, but with great atmosphere. The price point is above average, but it in not too expensive. The staff pays attention to details, they are trying to please every customers wish. It was a great experience!


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