The Flatiron District

The Flatiron District is one of New York’s iconic neighborhoods. The name comes from it’s famous skyscraper, the Flatiron Building. We took a little walk yesterday around the Flatiron District and visited Eataly.

In the Flatiron District you may find several iconic skyscrapers as well as one of the city’s most visited parks, the Madison Square Park. However I have to say, it is prettier during the spring and summer season 🙂

When our office was in that neighborhood, it was the best place to grab a coffee, sit on a bench and enjoy the sun rays. The sun provides a natural lift in spirit. I felt that going outside for a lunch gives yourself a mental break and even improve your productivity and raise your stamina before you get back to the office.


If you are an Italian food lover, you shouldn’t miss a place that is next to the park. It is called Eataly. Eataly provides a mixture of market-style shopping, counter dining, several restaurants and cafeterias. We usually go there to buy various Italian products as Prosciutto Crudo, Parmiggiano Reggiano and home-made Italian pasta. Since the temperature is below freezing, last time we ordered something to warm up 🙂


I really enjoyed wandering around the district. If you are visiting New York, don’t forget to stop by. And if you are local, there are classes and events held in the store that are worth attending.


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